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The Emergence of Social Networks

As Google asserted its click-through dominance, a number of social networks began to emerge and reach mainstream consumer audiences. There wasn’t anything particularly new about social networks. Online communities had formed at every evolution of the Internet, dating back to well before the World Wide Web.

The difference by 2003 was the fact that people had grown increasingly comfortable with interacting with one another on the Internet, and at times in plain view of other users. Social networks, after all, work better with a larger number of engaged users sharing more and more details about themselves.

The first notable companies from the social networking era were Classmates. Com and Friendster. allowed people to associate themselves with certain graduating classes to keep in touch with friends from various schools and points in their lives. The concept of profiles on was very basic, and many features of the site were ultimately hidden behind a paid subscription.

Friendster emerged six years after the launch of and exposed more features to users. Friendster was the first social network to successfully integrate the profile concept whereby a user could enter personal data, preferences, and so on. Friendster grew aggressively just after its launch in 2002 but endured a number of technical problems that disenfranchised early adopters and new users alike.

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Further, Friendster exposed profile data and actions to people within several degrees of separation from a user, which later, more-successful social networks did not do. Despite the fact that neither nor Friendster achieved mainstream worldwide success, both sites continue to operate today, each with a large user base.

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Lastly comment

Table 1.1 summarizes the top social networks from 2000 to 2009—note how the early pioneers have faded as Facebook and Myspace now dominate the social media market

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