The History Of Hoop Earrings

In the current circumstances, any glam-up outfit is incomplete without the addition of hoop earrings. They came into existence long back and have stayed since then. The hoop earring is the most light-weighted yet the classiest jewelry attire one wears. Many ancient cultures have been wearing hoop earrings either as a symbol of power or social status. Even today, cultural discrimination often claims that the hoop earring is a white culture. However, others claim that it solely belongs to black cultures and white people cannot wear it.

Hoop earrings have been in existence as long as jewelry. They look beautiful and make the wearer look effortlessly glammed up. In this article, you will be told the history of hoop earrings as well as how they derived to the stage they are now.

Origination Of Hoop Earring

According to the cultural encyclopedia of the body, the ancient famous jewelry piece can be traced back to ashurnasirpal,  where the king of Assyria was seen wearing and rocking the beautiful hoop earrings. There are claims that the ancient Greeks, Asians and Egyptians were seen wearing them. 

The hoop earring originated around 25000 B.C.E. under an African civilization (Nubia). The new name for Nubia is Sadan. At that time, the hoop earrings were made of Gold, Silver and bronze, which showed the capability of one buying them. 

Later, the other cultures around the globe adapted hoop earrings style. In 1500 B.C.E, the tribal women and men were seen wearing beautiful beads embedded with gold twisted hoop earrings. Egyptian culture adopted these earrings. Moreover, the hoops earrings were categorized according to their thickness and weight. Even the royals of Egypt used to wear the finest gold thick earrings to indicate their wealth and power.

In antediluvian Persia, the soldiers and commander wore hoop earrings on one of their ears.

Superstations Linked With Hoop Earring

People had some myths connected to hoop earrings back then. The pirates and sailors used to wear hoop earrings. They believed it contained some spiritual powers that confided in one’s protection. However, some wore it with the belief of being returned to the loved ones if found dead by selling those earrings.

A Little Decline Is Hoop Trend

In around 16 century, people were more fond of small pear-shaped earrings. It was believed that hoops aren’t for an everyday look. People were fond of minimal jewelry and loved wearing the little studs. The trend was well suited with their overall style and was a dominant part of their cultural values. This was when the men started cutting on earpieces.

However, later in 1820, people started wearing hoop earrings again. This made its way back into the fashion and cultural trends.

Fast-Forwarding To The 20th Century

In the 1900s, American women stopped wearing the hoop earrings due to the negativity associated with the hoop earring. People started to believe they were a symbol of Latino culture.

However, this was so temporary that in 1910, almost a decade later, the fashion trend switched. People tend to show their ears with their hairdos. That was a rebirth for the hoops.

In 1920, the people got influenced by Spanish residents’ outlandish style. Moreover, the much-needed fuel was added by the rediscovery of King Tutankhamen’s mausoleum. This was when the gold hoops were denoted as the distinctiveness for supremacy and prosperity.

In 1920, the women loved the touch of gold hoops to their outfits. It was a drop of spark and a pop-up uniqueness for their glam look. In addition, they used to look magnificent with off-shoulder tops. 

Later in 1960, the hoop earring was the iconic signature look. Women used to style them with their sleek straight hair. They used to look mesmerizing. These looks were deliberately shown in many Hollywood movies, and since then, people have followed them. In 1970, silver and chrome were more famous than gold hoops. They were the famous tribal designs and identity for their tribal identification.

Due to Latino and hip-hop culture, hoop earrings never went out of elegance. They were the major influence, and people used to wear them with grace. They fitted well with their outfit practices. 

Select Your Hoops In Every Shade Of Your Fondness

Traditionally hoops used to be in specific shades. However, you can get them in any shade of your choice these days. They can be made in various shades, patterns, and even with different levels of pearls and even diamonds. You can find nice diamond hoop earrings online and you can even get diamond hoops customized from any of your hand jewelers.

Diamond band hoops make for an ideal present for certain ladies. In the event that you’re striking and persuaded, jewel circles are a terrific method for communicating your autonomy. 

The origin story of band studs is a fascinating and uncovering one—during the 1970s, they were viewed as a spectacular adornment for ladies who follow style, music, diversion, and the sky’s the limit from there. During the 1980s, huge loop studs began to acquire an unreasonable standing as “terrible” because of the depiction of ladies in films who wore them. This is all garbage—wear gold circle studs as large or as little as you can imagine. Tell the world that it’s an ideal opportunity to quit putting shallow names on ladies.

Characteristics Of Hoops Earing 

 Hoops earrings have some real discriminative features that make them unique from other kinds of earrings. Hoops draw sudden attention to your face. It makes your face the center of attractiveness. It is the easiest way to look ready. They look good on every face structure and face kind. 

Diamond Hoop Earring

There are many valid justifications to possess a bunch of diamond loop studs. They’re extraordinarily flexible with a wide range of outfits and styles. You can wear jewel band hoops with a T-shirt and pants for a seriously fascinating impact. You can wear a bunch of diamond loops with business or formal clothing for a great and effective look. Jewel loops additionally look stunning with evening outfits, party dresses, sweaters, business shirts, and anything in the middle.


To conclude, no matter what era of history the hoops originated. They are seen as a dominant part of every era, and even today, they do not stop mesmerizing us. Hoops come in a variety of sizes and colors. They always look breathtaking in every aspect of their belongings. It is always ideal to have your best collection in your hands, so you have your best fit. There are various best store to buy diamond earrings of your choice. You can have your today with maximum customization to fit your desired criteria.