The Latest Trend in Punjabi Dress Material.

Punjabi Ghagra and Punjabi salwar suit is the traditional dress of women of Punjab.It now trending among women of all the States.

There are few things you should keep in mind while selecting your Punjabi suit.

  • Fabric of the cloth is the most important criteria while you are selecting your dress material.
  • The pattern present on dress materials also leaves a great impact.
  • Choose fabric according to the occasion.

Types of dress material you should prefer for Patiala salwar suit.

  • For Punjabi dress material chiffon can be a very good choice as it is lightweight fabric.After weaving this fabric gives a bit rough feel. In earlier days chiffon was made up of pure silk. Suits made up of this fabric gives a very elegant and floating look to the wearer. The nature of the fabric is very delicate so it needs to be hand washed with much care or needs to be dry cleaned. While washing the phone you must use a gentle washing after washing make sure that you don’t expose the fabric in the sun for a longer period of time.There are various types of chiffon fabrics like silk crepe chiffon, jacquard chiffon, double faced chiffon,chameleon chiffon, chiffon with coating,pearl chiffon, chiffon with lurex.

Chiffon when stitched gives a very attractive look to the wearer. If you want a bulk order of this dress material you can get it from textiles wholesale at a very reasonable price.

  • Cotton – Cotton is used for various purposes like for making robes and most importantly used for making dress material. Famous for dress material as it is easy to maintain and is irritation free to skin.Cotton Fabric can be worn in all weather.

  • Shiny Polyester Fabric – Polyester is famous for its durability and the way it does not shrink. Polyester is not like gotten, it tries very fast and is not absorbent. This dress material is wrinkle resistant. Polyester fabric can resist sweat too. Compared to many other fabrics polyester is a bit inexpensive. Talking about its weight, it is one of the most lightweight and breathable fabrics. The best season to wear polyester fabrics can be during winter as it will keep you warm and dry.Suits made up of polyester can be worn everyday,and the ones made up of polyester with design can be worn during any special occasions.
  • Lace dress material – This lace fabric is manufactured with the fabric composition of linen, cotton,silk, precious metals, synthetic fibres,etc through a wide range of techniques.Lace dress material also known as open work, lacework ,netting, thatting,mesh work,ties,etc.This fabric has a low moisture – wicking and heat retention abilities.Lace fabric can be hand washed or dry cleaned it totally depends on you. The suit stitched with this fabric can be worn during any special occasion like wedding reception, engagement festivals like Lori, Diwali,Holi, durga puja,etc.It will give you a very attractive look as this fabric is associated with beauty and sensuality for centuries.

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