The significance of double glazed doors

People usually wonder what makes a home unique, comfortable and posh. The most common answer is the interiors. However, people often forget the significance doors and windows have on the space and the way the interiors are perceived. Not only the type of doors and windows but the model, the build, the design and the materials play a major role in shaping a house. Although it may seem like choosing a door is a dreadful and difficult task, with the introduction of double glazed french doors, this process has been made much easier and more enjoyable.

Sydney, by far, has the widest range and variety of french doors in different sizes in Australia. In Australia, standard glazed windows and doors contribute to almost 90% of the heat gain in a typical insulated home. Double glazed french doors, on the other hand, effectively keep the hot air out during the summers and also efficiently keep the heat within the home during the colder months.

Types of double glazed french door frames:

UPVC: This is the most popular option in door frames. These are not only the cheapest options but are also the best-suited type of frame for high insulating properties.

Aluminium: Although this is the least preferred option for double glazed doors, people choose aluminium framing due to its high durability and modern aesthetic value. Nevertheless, this is not recommended as it has an extremely low insulation property.

Timber: Timber is quite a good and effective option as it is known for its high insulation property. Furthermore, timber can be easily painted or sprayed on. However, this isn’t the most cost-effective alternative as it requires regular maintenance and care, unlike aluminium and UPVC.

Fibreglass: This is by far the best option available for double glazed doors. Though it has quite some similarities with UPVC, it is substantially more adored for its high pivoting energy efficiency and durability. The fibreglass design provides great flexibility regarding choices. These frames are available in numerous colours, shapes, and sizes.

Benefits of double glazed doors:

Enhanced security: Since double glazed french doors have added layers, they are harder to break or destroy. Moreover, the utilisation of toughened glass enhances the level of security by efficiently preventing intruders from invading the property.

Double glaze acts as a noise blocker: The use of double glass layers and toughened glass acts as noise insulators, thereby preventing outside distractions and noise from penetrating the house and vice versa.

Cost-effective: Since double glazed doors can reflect warmth into the room, you do not need to invest in a separate heating system. Even if you own one, the cost of maintenance is reduced due to its infrequent usage. Furthermore, double glazing has proven to have reduced a great deal of money spent on energy bills owing to its notable characteristics.

Reduction in carbon emissions: As suggested previously, energy usage is tremendously reduced with the installation of double glazed french doors. This subsequently helps in reducing the carbon footprints in the property.

100% waterproof and weather-resistant: This advantage is highly beneficial if your property is situated near the sea or in a highly tropical area.

Reduction in interior damage: Sunlight damage is a quite common occurrence. Belongings closer to the doors or windows are often affected by the sun’s UV rays. For example, fading of paint from the furniture or even the walls. Double glazing successfully reduces the amount of UV radiation that enters the house. This ensures that all your belongings and interiors remain fresh and are not affected by the temperature fluctuations outside.

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