The top business investments you should make in Colombia

Are you tired of your office job? Maybe it’s time to venture into a business that you’re passionate about! Let’s check some of the best business ideas to invest your money in if you live in Colombia.

Tech Implementation Consultancy

If you have experience in the tech world, maybe a tech consulting firm could earn you good money in Colombia. First, you must build up a team of tech experts. Consider your friends, ex-coworkers, or interviewing people along the way. After that, you must approach large and small enterprises that might need this kind of service. Thanks to the now digital world, it’s easy to find people and companies looking for help with their software or computers. A service helping businesses implement and operate technology solutions is in high demand in Colombia.

Boutique Business

The clothing business is profitable, and even more in Colombia. Locals value an excellent look with good shoes and accessories. Therefore, companies focusing on these kinds of items will always have an audience. Some people even go shopping every month, so you can captivate trustworthy clients. First, you should find a good location, maybe inside a shopping mall or a busy area. Afterward, you should acquire good-quality clothes, shoes, and everything you can find inside a boutique. You can be sure that you will make daily sales if you pay attention to the market and your clients.

Real Estate Agency

People are always looking to relocate by renting or purchasing a new home. For this reason, real estate agents are always needed. Some agents are currently making more than USD 10,000 from commissions in Colombia per month. It’s a profitable business for anybody deciding to invest in this country. If you want to join the sector, you should meet with those already involved with real estate to learn more about it. Once you build a network and have some contacts you can start negotiating agreements with the housing enterprises. You could also link with homeowners directly and rent their properties, some commissions can reach up to 30% of the total price.

Content Marketing Agency

If you’re an avid writer and want to develop a website and social media plan, you can launch a content marketing agency. It could focus on helping brands sell their products and services. Many companies in Colombia are looking for ways to enlarge their digital communities around their products. You must prove you’re the best one for the job. You should make a portfolio with the services you’ve offered so that you can showcase it and reach more prominent companies.

Colombia Check-Mig Form

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