The top five types of vacuum cleaners and their applications

As the name suggests, a vacuum cleaner is a gadget purposely functioning to clean vacuums. The ideal definition of a vacuum is a space free from matter. Vacuum cleaners were invented in the 20th century but became popular after World War II. Nowadays, motorized vacuum cleaners are on a rampant increase in demand following rapid industrialization.

Are you tired of cleaning with the use of rags? A vacuum cleaner will ease your work by far and save you the long time it usually takes to perform the task manually. This article focuses on the various types of vacuum cleaners and their uses. It is a good reference if you want to acquire the best vacuum cleaner price in Kenya.

Robot vacuum cleaners

As the name suggests, a robotic vacuum cleaner is automatic. The fact that they need little effort from you as the operator keeps their demand and customer ratings high. A robot vacuum will go around your house, sucking up any small mess it finds. These types of vacuums are advantageous because they save time and can reach small spaces where large vacuum cleaners cannot.

Stick vacuum cleaner

It is the least powerful vacuum cleaner, but it is advantageous because it can maneuver through a narrow space and do a clean job on a hardwood floor. The stick vacuum cleaner is slender and has a stick-like handle. Stick vacuum cleaners are the commonest and cheapest. As a sensitive individual, a stick vacuum cleaner is the most affordable option. Get yourself one.

A vacuum cleaner that stands upright

An upright vacuum cleaner will be primarily used in advertisements by a given company. Consequently, its popularity and reputation are high. New cleaner models have settings that one can alter so that the cleaner works on both carpeted and hard floors. In general, it feels comfortable to operate an upright vacuum cleaner.


Their popularity, ease of operation, and efficiency lie between a stick vacuum cleaner and an upright cleaner. Canister vacuum cleaners are robust and have a slender frame like stick vacuum cleaners. They are expensive because they are technologically advanced and multi-functionally designed. Like the upright vacuum cleaner, a canister can do well on carpeted and bare floors.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

Handheld cleaners are suitable for inaccessible spaces that desperately need a thorough cleaning. Its application is a vacuum car cleaner that only requires a single hand. It is versatile, thus possessing high suction power to suck the dirt and debris into tight spaces. The main con is that it is inefficient at cleaning floors, as it would take a long time compared to the other vacuum cleaners.


The list above follows customer rankings, popularity, and efficiency on vacuum cleaners in Nairobi. There are over ten types of vacuum cleaners. Based on your needs, surf the net and get to know the best vacuum cleaner for your intended use. Acquiring the appropriate vacuum cleaner is an asset that will pay you over the years in keeping your house clean and inviting.

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