Things to Consider Before You Buy Women’s Heels

Heels have become a necessity for many women’s wardrobes. Almost every girl on this planet may have dreamed of adorning Cinderella’s glass shoes. Well, as comfy are those shoes for Cinderella, you may want to consider this factor while splurging on your next pair of heels.

Heels add chic and style to your overall outfit and look without a doubt. However, it is essential to think through certain aspects before you buy women’s heels. In 2019, actually, the value of the global high heels market stood at 34.1 billion USD and was expected to rise to 42.7 billion USD by 2024.

So, here are a few vital points to consider before your shoe-shopping day!

What Are the Most Comfortable Types of Heels?

If you already didn’t know that comfortable heels exist, here is a list just for you!


Wedges are the safest options to consider while picking your next set of heels. It combines both the platforms and heels and hence distributes your body weight all along. Unlike other heels, these heels offer added support to your foot while walking.

Also, you even get them in super stylish and trendy designs that would go with most of your outfits.

Platform Heels

Slightly different from wedges, platform heels give you similar support and elevation for your feet. It covers the front part of your shoes and not just heels alone. It helps you add height and provides comfort while wearing them for hours.

Kitten Heels

These short and pointed heels usually come in 1.5 inches in height. Compared to stilettos, Kitten heels come in shorter heels that elevate your feet to a certain level. Hence, these reduce the strain on your feet while walking or wearing them for long hours.

Block Heels

Yes, this is without a doubt every fashionista’s dream shoe that offers tremendous comfort. Block heels have more surface area to walk compared to thinner heels.

Hence, even if you buy a higher heel, you would still feel the same luxury of comfort, thanks to the width of the heel.

Tips for Choosing the Right Set of Heels

Now that you have picked your heel’s style, here are a few pointers you need to bear in mind before you set out to spend your money on carefully designed heels.

  • Right Size and Fit: This is the most cardinal factor before purchasing the right set of heels. Since different brands have varying sizes, measuring your feet should be your first step. The right shoe size should fit firmly on your feet and offer enough room for your toes.
  • Trial Run: When you buy women’s heels, try them on in the store and walk around. It will help you better understand if you can balance and feel comfortable walking in them.
  • Heel Placement: While choosing the heel type, check where the heels get placed. If they are too behind, it will fail to give the support needed for your body.
  • Heel Height: Even if you are super-confident of wearing extremely high heels, it is most suitable to go for a height between 3-9cm. Heel height exceeding this range can add stress to your back.

Wrapping Up

Heels do not always have to get associated with being discomfiting or straining. Hence, before you plan to buy women’s heels next time, try out what best suits your feet.

We hope these pointers are a lifesaver for you and your feet. So, go ahead and buy that set of block or kitten heels you always dreamed of buying.

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