Tips on how to Care for Your Caravan Chassis 

In order to properly care for and maintain your caravan chassis in tip-top good condition, you need to understand your chassis. All chassis need regular inspection and maintenance, whether they are made of painted steel, pre-galvanized or fully galvanized metal. It is important to note that depending on your chassis type, maintenance needs, activities and frequency will greatly vary.

At ARVChasis we specialize in manufacturing the following types of caravan chassis:

Galvanized caravan chassis: 

This type of chassis is made from regular steel that gets dipped in molten zinc thus making your caravan corrosion resistant. Rusting can greatly affect your caravan frame especially if you will be using it in coastal areas or parking it in places that are humid. Although the initial cost for this chassis may be slightly higher as compared to other types of chassis, the maintenance needs and costs are usually lower. 

You will find that oiling and greasing are the basic maintenance practices that are mostly needed for this chassis. 

Aluminium caravan chassis:

A chassis doesn’t have to be made of 100% steel. Aluminium as a chassis manufacturing material is ideal because not only does it reduce the weight of your chassis as compared to steel but it also improves the overall strength of your caravan chassis. We manufacture Aluminum chassis that are corrosion resistant and ADR62 and AS/NZ 3212.2 compliant.

Other types of caravan chassis include:

Part-galvanized caravan chassis:

These chassis are made from pre-coated galvanized steel and are less corrosion resistant as compared to the fully galvanized chassis. 

Painted steel chassis:

Despite being a cost-effective type of chassis, the painted steel chassis is the most rusting-susceptible type of chassis. This is because it is made of steel that then gets painted. This calls for regular maintenance including checking for spots that appear to be corroded and painting. 

Chassis maintenance tips:


If you invest in the painted steel chassis and need to repaint it, ensure you choose to conduct this activity during warm or dry weather conditions, preferably when it is between 8 and 24 degree Celsius. Always put on personal protective equipment when applying the paint. 

Before applying the paint on the chassis, remember to remove corrosion from the rusted spots using a sanding disc and after that brush it off and clean using a diluted detergent. Rinse off the detergent using clean water and apply the paint with a clean brush.


The corner steadies or jack stands need to be regularly cleaned and greased within their full range of movement.

Jockey wheel

This needs not have all its moving parts cleaned and oiled.

Hitch head:

Just like the jockey wheel, the hitch handle and grease ball part need to be cleaned and oiled.


The wheels of your caravan chassis need to be kept away from direct sunlight and the wheel stub oiled. Always ensure that your tyres have the right amount of pressure in order to achieve efficiency of operation.

Choose ARV Chassis for your caravan chassis needs because we are the best in the industry.