Tips To Keep Your Children Safe From Dog Bite Injuries 

Children are innocent and live in their bubbles most of the time. You cannot predict a child’s behavior, and you cannot expect a dog’s reaction to it. While most domestic dogs are friendly or at least appear to be harmless, they can turn violent if they are provoked. 

Although your child might not intend to provoke or hurt the dog, they can irritate the animals while playing with them. It is essential to teach your child about dog behavior and how they should act around them, so the dog does not harm them.

If your child still gets attacked by the dog without any fault of his own, make sure to contact a Roseville personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer helps you claim your child’s injuries and get the compensation you deserve. 

In most cases, the claim is filed against the dog owner and their negligence or lack of attention. Nevertheless, you can ensure your child’s safety by teaching them some good dog manners to eliminate the chances of a dog bite injury. 

Tips to avoid your children from dog bites  

  • Do not leave the child and dog alone with each other.

Even if you are familiar with the dog, they have different reactions to every situation and everyone. The dog might start feeling stressed, panicked, or alarmed by the child, which is never good. If the dog is uncomfortable with your child, it will likely attack the baby. 

So make sure to always dog and your child supervise them in the initial stage. Once they get comfortable, the dog will not harm the child. 

  • Educate your children about dog behavior 

Children often wander off to a cute-looking animal to pet it or play with it. But sometimes, a dog can be stressed or angry and should be left alone. For example, if the dog is growling, maintaining a stiff posture, or curling the lip, it means he is in a defensive mode and is protecting its territory, people, etc. Such behavior means your children must not go near them as they can attack them anytime. 

Moreover, if the dog shows the white part of its eye, makes a crying sound, or licks its chops, it is anxious and stressed. Hence can be harmful and hurt your children. 

You teach your children by describing such symptoms and showing them when the dog is happy, sad, or angry, so they are alarmed when they are near a dog.