Top 10 Trading Platforms and their comparison with eToro.

In today’s trading world, a number of different platforms are available which are providing opportunities for traders. Some will let you invest for a long period of time. Stock is a good example of it which allows you to buy shares in the company which you can hold for a long period of time and then sell it when its value rises in the market. But choosing the right platform is on the top of every trader’s list. Your whole experience is based on the choice you are making. Traders union have enlisted the Top 10 Trading Platforms for you and their comparison with eToro which is considered number one in the list.

Here is a list of best online stock brokers in 2022:


It is providing services in more than 140 countries all around the world including the US. eToro USA LLC is providing access to more than 40 cryptocurrencies which includes ETH, NEO, BTC or LTC etc. Fixed fees of 1% are charged for buying and selling crypto assets on this platform. Before starting trade with eToro you can use a demo account to learn more about trading experience.

Here is list of few advantages of trading with eToro:

  • You can trade on mobile phones by mobile trading apps.
  • This company is licensed and regulated by regulators.
  • You can open a demo account
  • Won’t charge any additional non trading fees.
  • Your funds are held in licensed banks
  • Traders have access to following trading offers including copy trading service and readymade portfolios.


A Dutch investment company working since 2008. Now having headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in 18 different European countries. Activities of DEGIRO are controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is awarded by more than 86 awards and on the number 2 in the list of best trading platforms according to TU.


It is an American stock broker having their headquarters in Glenview. It has been working since 2007. eOption specializes in options trading and provides security classes. They are offering super fast execution with low trading commissions. A modern platform with advanced analytical tools.


A trader broker founded in Germany in 1997. This company has headquarters in Dusseldorf. CapTrader is the introducing broker to Interactive Brokers. They are using this Interactive Brokers software that’s why brokers have identical user accounts and trading platforms. You will get access to 7 different types of trading assets on CapTrader. They offer access to 145 global stock markets along with 70,000+ trading instruments on 3 different types of platforms for trading.

Interactive Brokers:

It has been one of the US best trading companies since 1977. They are offering currency pairs but their basic instruments include stocks, commodities, indices, metals or other exchange assets. They are offering a wide range of training materials including online webinar and information on their website. Interactive Brokers has access to 135 markets in 33 countries and its a huge subset of trading instruments.


A British fintech company providing investors with accounts for trading different metals, cryptocurrencies, commodities or stocks. They also provide access to their traders to invest in stocks and EFTs. Revoult offers commission free trading plans with minimum share buy of 0.00000001. No Minimum Deposit required along with 24 hours customer support. No opening or maintenance fee is charged by revolut.


A company developed in 2011 by Stanford business school graduate students to provide loans to private or federal students. In 2019 they started offering brokerage services to active traders with security and passive investors in the US. No commision for trading assets is charged. There is a possibility that you can invest in fractional shares of the company.

Here is a comparison table between eToro and other top trading platforms discussed above:

  eToro DEGIRO eOption CapTrader Interactive Brokers Revolut SoFi
Overall rating 9.6 9.5 9.4 9.3 9.2 9.1 9.0
Minimum deposit 10$ 1$ 1$ 2000$ 1$ 1$ 1$
Leverage rate 1:400 1:1 1:1 1:20 1:1000 1:30 1:1
Withdrawal fees 5$ No 2.09$ 3.75$ 2$ 2.99$ 5$
Transaction fees Yes commission Yes Yes Depends No During wire transfer


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