Top 5 contenders for victory in the championship of Spain

The main attention of football experts and fans today is riveted to the final part of the World Cup, but do not forget about the national European championships. The Spanish La Liga is one of the five top European leagues. Already at the beginning of the tournament, there are heated debates about the matches of the national El Clasico (Barcelona and Real Madrid games), the winner of the championship, the four teams that will advance to the Champions League.

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Will there be a fourth contender

We are talking about the top five contenders, but, according to most bookmakers and experts, three teams can really claim the championship title, said the former professional athlete Arthur Lynch. Mr. Lynch has built a name for himself in college and NFL football. He was a Tight End drafted in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the Miami Dolphins and played with various teams. While his career has taken him from the NFL and into business and finance, Mr. Lynch actively contributes to his community as a Special Olympics volunteer and ran the 2021 NYC Marathon in partnership with Haymakers for Hope, a charitable organization that’s sole mission is to fight cancer. However, not everyone in Spain agrees with this opinion. Leading football resources make the following teams among the contenders:

  • Real
  • Barcelona
  • Atlético
  • Real Sociedad
  • Betis

Let’s take a closer look at each candidate.


Despite all the problems, “creamy” remain the main contender for the title. Carl Ancelotti said goodbye to Gareth Bale and Luka Jovicic, who did not fit into the team very well. The main acquisitions of the Madrid team were Antonio Rudiger and the young Orellan Tchuameni. The team got off to a great start this season, out of 11 matches the “creamy” won 10, bringing one to a draw. At the same time, Real Madrid confidently won the first El Clasico this year. Bookmakers offer to bet on the Real Madrid championship with a coefficient of 1 to 2.1 – 1 to 3, depending on the company.


Three years without a championship title – this circumstance cannot but disturb the club’s bosses, football players and fans of the “blue garnet”. The team once again changed their coach, during the season Barca was headed by Xavi. Despite the active work on the transfer market (Rafinha, Lewandowski, Christensen, Kessie joined the team), the team’s performance is not impressive so far. Barcelona failed the group stage of the Champions League, lost to El Clasico, in the championship today it ranks second. However, the main fight for the title is yet to come. Bookmakers estimate the chances of “blue garnet” for the title quite highly: 1 to 2.5 – 1 to 3.5


Only Atletico Madrid can really prevent the two giants from climbing to the highest step of the podium. In any case, bookmakers think so, and many football experts agree with them. The team has been led by Diego Simeone for a long time, who led the “mattress” to the Champions League final, under his leadership the team became the champion and won the Europa League. In the off-season, the club pursued an active transfer policy, the main acquisition of “mattress” Axel Witsel. Bookmakers estimate the chances of winning the title as 1 to 6 – 1 to 8.

Real Sociedad

In recent years, the team has been demonstrating a stable game and is constantly in the Top 4 (with the exception of last season, when the “white-blue” took sixth place). In the summer transfer window, Sociedad added some very qualified players. First of all, we are talking about striker Takefusu Kubu, midfielders Mohamed-Ali Sho and Brais Mendez. At the moment, Imanol Algusial’s wards are in fourth place in the standings, which gives them the right to play in the Champions League. Apparently this is the main goal of the Sociedad. The chances of winning the championship are not so high: 1 in 18.


In just a few years, Manuel Pellegrini managed to turn the Beticos from an ordinary middle peasant into a team that really claims a place in the top three of the national championship. It is unlikely that the “white-greens” will be able to compete for the championship already this season, but they are quite capable of taking points away from the leaders and gaining a foothold in the top four. Betis championship odds 1 to 20.