Types and Benefits of a Feed Chopper Machine

A feed chopper is a machine which was meantto bring ease to animals’ digestion system and at the same time economise on the amount of feeds used per animal. This machine is designed to slay hay, oats or straw into small pieces to facilitate mixing with other forageand also to ease the digestion process for the animal.


A feed chopper machine operates by the help of a power source to run blade/blades which are to do the job. The machinevaried or rather named according to the power source. This leads us to three basic types of feed choppers.

Electric feed chopper

This feed chopperdoes not have an engine but instead has a motor replacing it. The motor useselectricity which is used to drive a blade or a set of them in order to chop the feed. Since it has almost no installation or operational know-how required, this reflects its ease of use.

This type of feed chopper has lots of benefits in terms of its use. It is cheaper when in operation than the other engine driven feed choppers, although its initial purchase price is way higher than any ordinary engine driven feed chopper machine price in Kenya.

Diesel driven feed chopper

This feedchopper has an engine which burns diesel to produce enough energy to drive the blades and overcome the feed resistance. Since diesel produces much higher energy per volume burnt than petrol, it proves to be much cheaper for long term use than it is for petrol driven engine.

Unfortunately, its price might prove to be high. Probably that is the price to get thatmuch quality and preciseness you wouldwant for the future.

Petrol driven feed chopper

This feed chopper uses petrol as its source of energy. Its engine burns petrol to produce energy to drive the blades.

But why have petrol driven when we alreadyhave a diesel engine? Well, you will realise that both of these engines have their pros and cons. But then people might have preferences and that is why it is important to have both in the market.

This feed chopperoffers the best price when we think of the best offer for silage chopper prices in kenya.

Factors to consider when buying a machine

Ease of use – You wantto buy a machine that is easy to use. This might be a compromise for large factories so they have to hire a specialist. Visit Here: magazines2

Economy – You want to ensure you economise on the price of a machine? You will most likely want to buy a cheap and hence economical machine. You might also want to consider its operational cost overtime.

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Feed chopper machine is a critical and pivotal asset for a farmer. Its innovation should therefore be advance as time goes by to ensure efficiency. Its price should also be highly considered to enable more farmers to purchase one for themselves.

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