Understanding E Liquid and Why It Is Safer than Tobacco!

Smoking is bad for you, and you probably already know that, even if you do smoke heavily to this day. You’ve hurt your whole life, as public awareness of nicotine products as being bad for you have been hammered home to children since the 19 eighties. Recently, though, people become much more vehement towards adults that smoke, as if it’s their business to babysit someone else in that way. This is probably not the best way to encourage healthy habits, so let me try a different, less obnoxious and cloying approach here. Let me give you the hard science on why smoking is bad for you, but let me give you a better alternative than suffering through the act of quitting!

So, when tobacco or anything else burns, this is a high-energy chemical reaction and transmutation process which creates things like ash and carcinogenic compounds. These, along with the inflammable oils, are what comprise smoke when you smoke a cigarette, pipe or the like. The smoke is bad for you for obvious reasons, and I don’t think the carcinogenic compounds need any elaboration either. So, you run the risk of respiratory illnesses, various cancers and much more because inhaling any kind of smoke, even would smoke or incense smoke, and significant volumes, is extremely toxic to the human body. Ask firemen about smoke inhalation where there wasn’t a cigarette anywhere nearby.

Conversely, E liquid, specifically nicotine E liquid in this case, is much safer than smoking because there is no combustion going on, and none of these carcinogenic compounds, ash or other toxins are present. Nicotine, though, is obviously here, in the form of salt nicotine. What is nicotine salts? All it is, is pure crystalline nicotine, and salts are used to describe any kind of pure crystalline mineral or compound like this, simply as a bit of a parlance.

You aren’t burning anything, you are merely inhaling instantly-vaporized juice which contains this salt nicotine, and enter artificial flavor and an equally inert glycerin compound, usually vegetable oil or propylene glycol. We can’t say that these are 100% safe, as they haven’t been around long enough for late long-term issues to present themselves in any users, but nobody is expecting there to be any. We know that these compounds on their own have not really shown any long-term health risks and their many other applications over the years, and there’s no reason to think that their combination in this form would change that.

If you are interested in a cell for way to enjoy your nicotine, this is the way to do it. Nicotine isn’t it self all that harmful to an adult of healthy condition, being bad for minors with developing bodies and those with pulmonary, cardiac or respiratory issues as well. If you are ready to switch to a healthier way, or you already have and you want to get them better and with better variety, Shosha Australia is your one-stop shop for nicotine E liquid and nicotine-free E liquid alike!