Visiting an injury lawyer in Florida? Don’t miss these questions

You have decided to engage an attorney for your personal injury claim and are now gearing up for the first appointment. Almost all firms in Florida don’t charge a fee for the initial consultation, and this could be a good window to evaluate your options. If you want a free case analysis, visit this site. We have enlisted the questions you must ask before getting an attorney onboard.

  1. How much do you charge? Injury lawyers don’t get an upfront hourly rate or a flat fee. They usually charge a contingency fee, which must be communicated in advance. Typically, the fee is anywhere from 25% to 40%.
  2. How much experience do you have in handling injury lawsuits? This one is a no-brainer. Make sure that you hire a more reputed and reliable lawyer, even if it means paying a tad more. Check the landmark cases of the lawyer to understand better.
  3. What’s your assessment of this case? A good lawyer will explain your legal options and how you can expect to get a fair settlement for your case. They wouldn’t make exaggerated promises.
  4. Have you been to court? This may sound like a vague question, but not many lawyers can claim that they have handled injury lawsuits at trial. While you should hope that the case gets settled, it is best to engage a lawyer with credible experience.
  5. What factors could influence my claim adversely? In some cases, your action during and after the accident may have an impact on the settlement. Ask the attorney about the possible issues that may crop up and how these factors could influence the outcome.
  6. How can I communicate with you? As a client paying a hefty contingency fee, you shouldn’t have to chase your lawyer for updates. Ask the attorney about the best ways to communicate with them, which can be through their team.
  7. Can you share a few references? Online reviews can help you understand whether an attorney or a law firm is worth their words. You can also ask for references, which most lawyers would gladly share.
  8. What would be the various case-related expenses? Besides the lawyer’s fee, you may have to pay for court costs, investigation expenses, and the cost of engaging professionals and experts. Get a ballpark about the additional expenses.

Call a lawyer now to find more details.