Ways To Resolve Estate And Trust Disputes 

Disputes in estate and trust matters are not uncommon in today’s time. However, when they occur after a loved one’s death, finding a solution becomes crucial. Dividing an estate among the family members is full of challenges. If one does not find a good solution, the challenges can cause long-term damage to familial relationships. 

If your family is going through the same issues, you may be thinking, “Where can I find a good estate planning lawyer near me?” Finding a good attorney is the first step to dispute resolution. A professional can review your situation and suggest the best legal solutions. 

Ways to resolve estate and trust disputes 

  • Using a mediator. 

When you pass away, you will no longer be there to handle the disputes occurring between your family members. The estate documents are finalized, so changing those won’t be of much help either. When the beneficiaries start experiencing disputes, the first step should be hiring a mediator. A mediator is a neutral third party, often chosen together by the parties involved. They try to resolve the disputes by finding a middle ground. 

  • Dividing household items fairly. 

In some cases, the fights do not happen because of money. People do not always fight because one is getting more and the other is getting less. Sometimes disputes may occur over things that may have little monetary but high sentimental value. For example, the siblings may argue about taking a dining table where years of memories are made. 

The best way to resolve this dispute is to let them choose for themselves. Ask them to create an order and take turns in choosing the household item they want. If anything remains, it should be sold, and the money is divided equally between the beneficiaries. 

  • Liquidating assets. 

Liquidating assets is a pretty big step, and many people keep them as a last resort. However, you may have no other option when the dispute does not look like it will end anytime soon. Liquidating assets allows you to divide the money equally. There won’t be any fights about someone getting more or less in this case. 

However, make sure that you confirm that all parties agree to this. Not everyone would want to sell the assets as they may contain monetary as well as sentimental value. If all the parties do not agree, it possesses another issue. 

Talk with an attorney 

Estate planning is never easy, and things can get even more complicated when your family members disagree with each other. To make sure this does not happen, consult with an attorney today. 

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