Ways to Teach Creative Writing Effectively

Creative writing relies on your imagination. Well, not everyone in this world can write good creative content. A step-by-step guideline is a must to figure out the best in your mind. Precisely, it is an art of literature that assists you in assembling things. I can say that creative writing entertains the audience and portrays the writer’s thoughts. Hence, creative writing can be in any form, i.e., poetry, movies, songs, essays, and much more.

Teaching how to write creative writing itself is not an easy task. Perhaps, you can take guidance from Felicity Stone Toronto – based creative writer, or stick around to know the best possible ways to teach creative writing.

Ways to Teach Creative Writing Effectively

Creative writing can be a daunting process for many of you. Try ways to teach such skills effectively to add excitement to your lecture. Here is a short list of ways to teach creative writing effectively.

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  • Vitalize Story Reading

Book reading, perhaps, is the initial step to begin with any creative writing. Indeed, book reading enhances your student’s vocabulary as well. Your student’s sense of imagination boosts. Reading hosts directly to fresh new creative ideas. The majority of the writers present globally are excellent book readers altogether. Felicity Stone Toronto is one of the top-notch examples of them. Encourage book reading as it encloses a whole new side of imagination. Additionally, suggest they do book reading at home as well.

  • Ask to Rewrite a Well-Known Story

After reading a book, your students will come across several new stories. Well, to be a good story writer, it is better to rewrite some stories. Perhaps, students who lack ideas can conveniently take inspiration in this way. Rewriting an already existing story will boost your creative writing skills. Well, do not hesitate in writing an existing story.

  • Illustrate Through Videos

Most stories are filled with emotions. And these emotions cannot be explained through words. Well, to remove this confusion, make a pictorial representation of the entire story. This will not only assist your students in understanding the whole idea behind the story. But also ease you to narrate the content easily.

  • Setup A Storyboard

Planning is the utmost element for the execution of an idea. The same is the case with creative writing. Write a step-by-step procedure beforehand. Think of the points that you want to add to your story. Setting up a storyboard will help you write an entire story through a proper process.

  • Give Them a Free Hand to Write

During the writing procedure, it is better to give leverage in sharing your imagination. Give them open-ended opportunities to express ideas on their favorite topics. Yet, on the other hand, simple pupils do not have much idea about creating their topic. Well, you can assign the topic of your own choice. And with this give them a bonus of writing freely.

  • Read It loud

After completing the story, ask your students to read it aloud in front of others. Narrating the story to all audiences will assist the shy to gain confidence. Their vision and imagination will expand. Yet get new ideas to write the content of their own choice.

And lastly, pinpoint the mistakes in the creative writing so that they can correct them and won’t repeat them in the future.


Well, not only these, there are other ways to teach creative writing effectively. I am sure that by following these ways, you will be capable of teaching creative writing excellently.

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