Welding Wire Electrode

welding wire electrode symbol Fec-1 for manual arc welding (E), alkaline-graphite flux (BG), for flat butt welding. and connect the flat filet (4) to connect with direct current No power pole limit(0)

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Electrode DIN8573-EFeC-1-BG40

Ni wire symbol for manual arc welding(E) Alkali-graphite flux(BG) for all position welding(1) Welding with alternating voltage 50 V while the machine is still not working. welding or open circuit emf and the direct current wire is the anode (3).

Electrode DIN8573-E Ni-BG 13

welding wire symbol Fe-1 for manual arc welding (E) Special flux (S) Weld in all positions except upright (2) Weld with alternating current at an open circuit voltage of 50. Volts and welding currents are not limited to welding electrodes (1).

Electrode DIN8573-EFe-1-S21

3 Wire Fill Rods and Cored Rods for TIG Welding

NiFe-2 welding wire electrode symbol for Gas-shielded Tungsten-Arc Welding (WSG) process.

Filler Rod DIN8573-WSG NiFe-2

NiFe-2 Cored Rod welding wire Symbol for TIG Welding with Special Flux Core Wire (S)

Cored Rod DIN8573-WSG NiFe-2-2

  1. welding wire electrodes, wires for MIG welding and flux core welding wire electrodes. Electrode Symbol NiFe-2 Mig Welding Electrodes (MSG)

Wire Electrode Din8573-MSG NiFe-2 Wire Symbol NiFe-1 Flux Wire for flux welding process Special Flux (S) Cored Wire Electrode DIN8573-MF NiFe-1-S

Covered Electrodes for Cast Iron JIS Z 3252-1992 (Covered Electrodes for Cast Iron)

This Japanese industrial standard welding wire is required to cover the flux. hereinafter referred to as “welding wire” for welding cast iron

  1. Type of welding wire

Welding electrodes are divided according to the basic chemical properties of the weld metal as follows:

(1) DFCNi

(2) DFCNiFe

(3) DFCNiCu


(5) DFCFe

  1. Product Symbol

The product symbol contains The type of welding wire, the type of welding current, the diameter of the core wire and the length of the core wire. For cast wire, the letter C will be used to represent the length.

welding wire for aluminum

6.1 Requirements for welding electrodes and filler rods For aluminum and aluminum alloys, AWS A5.10-92 standard.

(Specification for Bare Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Welding Electrodes and Rods)

This welding wire standard requires that welding electrodes and welding rods are bare. for aluminum and aluminum alloys Used for MIG welding, TIG welding, gas welding and plasma welding.

  1. Type of welding wire

Electrodes and bare filler wires meet this standard. Divided into types according to the chemical composition of welding electrodes.


6.2 Requirements for Flux Covered Electrodes Aluminum and aluminum alloys For manual arc welding (SMAW) standard AWS A5.3-91.

(Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Electrodes for Shielded Metal Arc Welding)

  1. Type of welding wire

Flux Covered Welding Wire According to this standard, they are classified according to the chemical composition of the core wire. and mechanical properties of notch welds

6.3 Aluminum and aluminum alloy welding wire standard DIN1732 Part1 June 1988

(Filler Metals for Welding Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys)

This welding wire standard was developed by the German Welding Association. It is used for melt welding such as gas shielded welding (SG), gas shielded welding (G) and flux shielded welding wire (E) for welding aluminum and aluminum alloys. mix

  1. Type of welding wire

Aluminum welding wires can be classified as follows:

  1. a) Divided according to the chemical composition of welding electrodes in the case of Wire Electrodes, Filler Wire, and Filler Rods for shielded gas welding and gas welding.
  2. b) Divided according to the chemical composition of the solder paste. In the case of flux-clad welding wire


1.1 Wire Electrodes , Filler Wire and Filler Rods

Wire Electrodes , Filler Wire and Filler Rods are polished and stamped SG codes.

1.2 Flux insulated wire

Flux-cored welding wire uses the code EL, which consists of core wire and flux cover. During welding current flows through the welding wire to the arc region.

  1. Symbol of welding wire

Symbols and material numbers are used for the marking of wire electrodes code SG-AlMg 4,5 Mn or material material number 3.3548 can be written as follows:

Wire Electrodes DIN 1732-SG-AlMg 4,5 Mn


Wire Electrodes DIN 1732-3.548

Filler Rod code SG-A199 , 5Ti or material number

Filler Rod DIN 1732-SG-A199 , 5Ti


Filler Rod DIN 1732-3.0805

Covered Electrode, code EL-AlSi 12 or material number 3.2585 can be written as follows

Electrode DIN 1732-EL-AlSi12


Electrode DIN 1732-3.2585

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