What a smart social media manager needs to know about the site

As of the middle of 2021, LinkedIn has more than 800 million users. At one point, the network was adding two new users per second, according to Smart Business Trends.

Because this social media site has always been made for professionals, job-seekers, and businesses instead of like Facebook or Twitter, which have added more professional and business-oriented features over time.

Exactly what are the advantages of utilizing Linked In?

Online networking is just as effective as it is in person because of the power of LinkedIn’s network

With the use of social media, it is possible that leads and tips come up naturally. LinkedIn gives people and businesses the chance to expand their businesses’ reach and connect with a huge group of professionals from a wide range of fields.

You can use the platform to:

  • join a group:
  • collect information
  • uncover events in your area
  • Share your post with your friends and family.
  • bring one’s own expertise to bear on the discussion

The first steps is to set up your LinkedIn account the right way

First, you create your LinkedIn profile as you, not as a firm. You are not a company. To create a corporate page, you must first join LinkedIn as an individual.

This is a chance to show off your finest and most professional self. After that, you can upload a photo, fill up your profile, and start connecting with friends, family, coworkers, and more.

LinkedIn will first assist you.

It’s the most important steps in your LinkedIn account journey is properly setting up your account. Upload a professional shot since we are inundated with photographs. A nice shot is more crucial than ever. No, you need not look like one. No way.A nice photo is one that isn’t pixelated or distorted.

Make it professional. “Owner of Name of Your Company” is a wonderful method to highlight your professional experience. Use LinkedIn’s publishing features, such as Articles and Slide Share, to make your material distinctive and stand out from the crowd. Write them down! This page is everything about you.

Step 2: Making a Friendship

Now that you’re on LinkedIn, it’s time to expand your network. Slow down. LinkedIn social media management is an excellent place to connect thoughtfully. It’s vital to value the individuals you meet and to be valued in return.

This friendship began with a handwritten note. When you ask someone to connect with you, LinkedIn will send you a normal invitation. Personalize it as much as you can. To prove you are a genuine professional relationship, you must explain why you wish to join their network. They receive plenty of LinkedIn inquiries. Start with coworkers, business partners, and other collaborators.

Second, connect with trusted relatives and friends. While this might help you expand your network beyond your particular field, be sure these relationships are worthwhile..

Step 3: Be more social

Many people stop at a profile. To get the most out of LinkedIn as a networking tool, you must utilize it to meet and connect with people.

LinkedIn allows you to upload information to your personal profile for your network to see. You may also share directly with groups, as we’ll see later. Your own excellent material, such as a blog post or a video, is preferable to sharing essential articles and news pieces authored by others.

Note the term we emphasized? Don’t post funny jokes, sports rants, or images of your kids on LinkedIn. Keep it on your own Facebook page. The content you upload on LinkedIn should be professional and demonstrate your expertise or the value your organization provides to users.

A step 4: Make a company page

Individual-to-individual connections are the main focus of LinkedIn because your profile shows a picture of you as an individual, not a specific company. If your company doesn’t have a Facebook page, you should create one. and you’re allowed to make one, make sure you do so as soon as possible.

Do this through your company page:

  • make a list of jobs and put them up
  • Engage with your followers
  • Share important news

All under your company’s name and brand.

Select “Create a Company Page” from the “Work” icon, then follow the steps to set up your company page. To set up your page, follow the same steps you did when you set up your personal profile on LinkedIn. You should make sure that all of your written and visual content is in line with your company’s branding. Make sure that you’re using a high-quality company logo as your profile picture, for more detail click on link

Step 5: join groups

Groups on LinkedIn are places where people can talk about things that they have in common, like an alumni network for Roosevelt University or a forum for Executive Assistants.

This is a great place to keep up with the social networking we talked about in Step 3. You can share valuable content with specific groups, have conversations, and listen to what people are saying and doing on social media.

Chicago real estate is a good example of a group you could join. You could also start your own group. LinkedIn gives you suggestions for groups that might be a good fit for you to join. Get out there!

Step 6: Look at News Updates and Events

LinkedIn is a terrific method to stay up with local and global industry news. In the “Feed” and “What People Are Talking About” sections of the site, you can keep track of the most important news stories in your field. If you want to write your own content or share it on LinkedIn, this can be a great help (and other social networks). Don’t be afraid to like, comment on, and interact with content that you think is important or interesting. This can help you establish your voice and make you more visible on the platform.


Using this basic framework, get your profile up and running. But remember that the real fun comes when you make personal connections and learn how the network can help you.

You can always ask for help on your LinkedIn profile or if you have any other questions at all. Then, when you’re ready to start using social media marketing for your business, Geek Chicago is here to help you get started. LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter in a way that will help you grow your business and get more leads.