What are The Advantages of Plantation Shutters? 

The choice of window cover will decide the attractiveness of your home, especially when it comes to external shutter systems. Hence, plantation shutters are known to be one of the best when it comes to providing protection to your walls and adding aesthetic appeal. You will find plenty of reasons to go for plantation shutters. Before that, let’s see what these shutters are. 

Plantation Shutters: Definition! 

Plantation shutters originated in the South and were thus given the name mentioned above. Mainly, these shutters were used to cover and protect tobacco, sugar, or coffee on farms and estates. 

Modern homes are laced with controllable slats. On the other hand, the traditional plantation slates were more prominent in size and were not maneuverable. Traditional Shutters and California Shutters were different names for plantation shutters. 

These types of shutters are now crafted of thin units that rest in accordion style. Plus, they cover a part of the window opening when they’re shut off. You can control the louvres and slats with the help of a tilted rod or bar and adjust airflow, light, and visibility. 

At Bayview Lumex plantation shutters Melbourne centre, you can find two types of shutters: Ploysatin and Timber. The former ones are made using non-toxic robust polyresin and are given a finishing touch using modern equipment for the soft, matte look of freshly coloured wood. This type of shutter offers the same durability and looks but with much more sturdy material. 

Why Bayview Lumex’s Polysatin Plantation Shutters are Best? 

You will find many plantation shutters in Australia, like louvre, cedar, aluminium, and tilia shutters, but none can hold a candle against polysating plantation shutters. What follows are some of the reasons why you should opt for Bayview Lumex’s polysatin plantation shutters in Melbourne: 

Adaptability and Durability

Our polysatin plantation systems, by far, stand out from the crowd due to their adaptability and robustness. Additionally, we can help you with tailor-made plantation systems to meet your requirement for quality and satisfy your aesthetic needs. 

You will have the privilege of choosing from an abundance of customised urbane designs. If you want to keep things simple, go for our traditional white plantation systems, which will give you elegance. 

Not only doors but our customised plantation systems can fit windows of different sizes and shapes. We also offer shutter systems for non-rectangular shapes, arches, hexagons, and octagons. 

Homemade Products 

When renovating or building your home, you need to consider the delivery time of the products, as the pandemic has greatly affected the overseas import market and their deliveries. Thus, it is better that you opt for Australia-made products to avoid any delays. 

This is where we rank among the best, as most of our products are Australian-made. Our sustainable products employ local citizens, benefiting them greatly. 

Additionally, you will not have to pay import duty in the final bill, reducing your overall cost. You will also get products specifically built and crafted for the Australian atmosphere. 

Energy Production and Insulation

Bayview Lumex’s polysatin plantation systems are very adaptable and can control the intensity of sun rays coming into your home through windows and doors. Our systems keep the air in a pocket, making energy-saving insulators. 

This, in turn, will extensively decrease the heat change phenomenon happening because of the low conductivity. Our plantation shutters will reflect the incoming solar rays to the outside in summer and keep the harmful UV rays at bay. 

Additionally, their adaptability will enable you to open them in winter and let the warm sun rays into your home to increase your home’s temperature, shielding you from an icy atmosphere. 


Our polysatin shutters are made using non-harmful polyresin composite material. Plus, they have Greenguard certification and are ideal for household usage for toddlers. We emphasise scientific testing and ensure that every indoor and outdoor louvre shutters Melbourne is passed through chemical and particle emission testing. 


We use high-quality polyresin for crafting our plantation shutters, making it one of the best when it comes to durability. Plus, our shutters are very effortless to clean, as even ink, crayon, or other stains will not stick to our smooth shutters. 

All you need to do is wipe the shutters with a damp, soft cloth, and the stain will be gone in no time! Our window louvre systems Brisbane are easy to mount and dismount and can be cleaned easily using soap and water. 


We offer a warranty on every product as they are made in Australia and demonstrate top-notch quality when pitted against challenges and extreme weather. 

What to Do Next? 

Now, you have a rudimentary knowledge of the plantation shutter system. To learn more about them, feel free to contact us. We offer waterproof shutter systems to our clients that are corrosion-free, peel-resistant, and will not flake over time. 

You can use them wherever you want, including wet places like the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom. Once you contact us, our expert will visit your house, inspect all the windows and recommend you the best option. 

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