What Are the Best Types of Lawn Mowers Available

A lawn mower does the art and vocation of keeping the landscape safe, clean, healthy and attractive. Through maintaining the ground you are able to prevent any damages to the ground such as soil erosion. It takes a lot of landscape maintenance for the ground to last in beautiful and attractive scenery. Knowing the best lawn mower to use for our ground is very important.

The appropriate mower can make cutting your law pleasurable. Nothing ruins the joy of a bright day like the wrong mower. Happily, the opposite is also true! If you are in dire need of purchasing a lawn mower but you are not aware about the features you might need, don’t worry. I got you covered. Check the best lawn mowers as I have explained below;

Electric rotary lawn mowers

Electric lawn mowers were common with home gardeners several years ago because of their lightweight category. They are proportionally quite operation and enough power for smaller lawns. The inclusion of a power cable makes this mower less disadvantageous despite the fact that it is among the affordable mower. Lawn mower prices are also a factor to consider. Lawn mower prices in Nairobi are pocket friendly for all types of mowers.

Battery powered lawn mowers

A battery lawn mower with the power and output of a petrol lawn mower and the reliability of lithium –ion battery technology is the best when it comes to ease of use and freedom of movement. This mowers are extremely light –weight and quite. They are environmental friendly as they do not produce direct emissions or exhaust to the user. It also offers larger service time.

Petrol rotary blade lawn mowers

This type provides a powerful cable less approach to optimal lawn care. They include anti-vibration technology, are self-driven and easy to start. Their high-torque motors make them have large cutting decks. Petrol lawn movers give best grass cutting on even the hardest types of grass. If you have a large field to take care of or maybe you do not want to keep charging batteries, then petrol mower is your right choice.

Robotic lawn mower

Robotic lawn mower Is the best choice if you have a busy schedule or want to spend less time in the garden. The moment the boundary wire is fixed, robotic lawn mower work on a timeline of your choice; hail and shine, day or night. It trims small grass with every cut also matching your lawn and putting nutrients back into the soil.

Manual push cylinder mowers

These are the first of all modern lawn mowers and are still the best choice if you have a smaller lawn. It is powered by old fashioned elbow grease, while pushing the mowers moves the wheels hence turning the blades. These mowers are relatively silent when operating, although they need a high level of exertion.


Since there are many types of lawn mowers, it is important for you to keenly access all types of mowers to be able to come up with the best type for your lawn.

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