February2 , 2023

What are the classifications of CNC grinding machines

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Classification by function

  1. The turning center adds c-axis and power head on the basis of ordinary NC lathe. The more advanced NC lathe is equipped with tool magazine, which can control the three coordinate axes of X, Z and C. the linkage control axis can be (x, z), (x, c) or (Z, c).
  2. Economical CNC lathe

The simple CNC lathe formed after the transformation of the feed system of the ordinary lathe with stepping motor and single chip microcomputer has low cost, but the degree of automation and function are poor, and the turning accuracy is not high. It is suitable for the turning of rotary parts with low requirements.

  1. According to the turning requirements, the ordinary CNC lathe is specially designed in structure and equipped with a general CNC system. The CNC system has strong functions, high degree of automation and machining accuracy. It is suitable for the turning of general rotating parts.

Classification by lathe spindle position

  1. Vertical CNC lathe vertical CNC grinding serviceis referred to as CNC vertical lathe for short. Its lathe spindle is perpendicular to the horizontal plane and a circular worktable with large diameter is used to clamp workpieces.
  2. Horizontal numerical control lathe horizontal numerical control lathe is divided into numerical control horizontal guide rail horizontal lathe and numerical control inclined guide rail horizontal lathe. The inclined guide rail structure can make the lathe more rigid and easy to remove chips.

Classification by number of tool holders

  1. Single turret CNC lathe CNC lathes are generally equipped with various forms of single turret, such as four station horizontal indexing turret or multi station turret automatic indexing turret.
  2. Double turret CNC lathe the double turret configuration of this kind of lathe is distributed in parallel or perpendicular to each other.

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CNC grinding machine and CNC

Now there is little difference between the two. There is a great demand for large-scale CNC grinding machines, but there is no problem with the general operation of CNC grinding machines. In short, there is no problem with the operation of CNC machine tools. The problem is whether you have no problem with the process flow.

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How many advantages do CNC grinding machines have

CNC grinding machine can process materials with high hardness, such as hardened steel, cemented carbide, etc; It can also process brittle materials, such as glass and granite. The grinder can be used for grinding with high precision and small surface roughness, as well as high efficiency grinding, such as strong grinding.

The advantages of CNC grinding machine are as follows:

  1. It is suitable for machining complex special-shaped parts.
  2. Realize computer control and eliminate human errors.
  3. Precision compensation and optimal control can be realized by computer software.
  4. Machining center, turning center, grinding center and electric machining center have the functions of tool magazine and tool change, which reduces the clamping times and improves the machining accuracy.
  5. CNC machine tools make the machining equipment more flexible. Flexible machining is not only suitable for multi variety, medium and small batch production, but also suitable for mass production. It can alternately complete the processing of two or more different parts, increase the function of automatic workpiece transformation, and realize unattended operation at night. The flexible manufacturing system (FMS) composed of several CNC machine tools (machining centers) has a more flexible automatic manufacturing system, including processing, assembly and inspection.

What are the differences between grinder and CNC grinder

Everyone has heard of the word “Grinder”, because in many cases, we will use it to deal with some small parts. Grinders are needed for the grinding of various parts such as cars and houses. However, grinders will also be upgraded, especially if the current technology and science and technology are so developed, they will be eliminated if they stagnate, Now there is a “CNC Grinder” to help you solve all kinds of situations in real life. If the surface of your part is rough and you want to polish it, you can find it; If you want to process a brittle glass or rock, you can also find it.

Compared with grinding machines, the advantages of CNC grinding machines are obvious. Perhaps, many people are used to the leadership of science and technology. For example, mobile phones have been gradually replaced by intelligence, and now grinding machines also have such a trend. When using grinding machines in the past, they may feel too troublesome and need to be manipulated manually, which is a waste of manpower, However, it is different now. CNC grinding machine can realize computer control and eliminate human errors. In other words, if you want to use it better, you must understand science and technology and use computer. In addition, now he can also use computer software to realize precision compensation and optimized control, which is a more advanced point in the current era, It can better complete the grinding of devices.

In fact, many grinding machine companies have made statistics on the sales of grinding machines. Statistics show that although traditional grinding machines can carry out grinding and processing during the period, it is still difficult for many complex and special-shaped parts, which has not been solved. However, there is no need to worry now. With the help of NC grinding machines, they are more suitable for the processing of complex parts, In addition, its operating system is more reasonable. There are all kinds of machining centers, turning centers and grinding centers. You can return a perfect workpiece with only gentle operation.

When it comes to CNC grinding machines, there is also a particularly profound feature, that is, the feature of flexibility, which is not owned by traditional grinding machines. In the current development, we can fully understand that flexible machining is very important. It is suitable for a variety of products, small and medium-sized batch production, as well as mass production. It is composed of a variety of different systems, Better operation. NC cylindrical grinding machine belongs to NC machine tool, which does not need to manually control the movement of the grinding machine. The work is relatively easy and suitable for mass production.

Universal cylindrical grinder is a traditional machine tool, which needs manual operation to control the machine tool. The work is a little tired. The universal cylindrical grinder has a wide range of adaptability, and can adapt to single piece and batch production.