What Are The Possible Reasons For The Insurance Company To Deny Your Claim?

Dealing with a car accident could be challenging. The victims face suffering from severe injuries and bear damage. While one might think that there is no positive outcome from this situation, an insurance claim might prove them wrong. The victims get significant help from the insurance claim, and it could be their only support during the hard times. 

You must contact a Corvallis car accident attorney to ensure your claim is not rejected. There are several reasons why an insurance company might deny a policyholder’s claim. These reasons are mainly associated with negligence or avoidance by the driver. 

Possible reasons why your claim can be denied.

  • Policyholder’s fault 

The policyholder’s fault is the most common cause of a victim’s claim being rejected. If the victim of a car accident case is the policyholder in an insurance company that promises to cover the damages, the claim might likely get denied. Insurance companies only compensate and cover the damages that are caused due to someone else’s fault. If the policyholder is assigned responsibility, the claim will be rejected. Ensure to drive safely and pay close attention to the road.

  • Lack of information 

Many insurance claim cases lack essential information that might otherwise lead the claim to be accepted. The victim should contact a car accident attorney in Corvallis to ensure that every minute detail of the case is highlighted. Insurance companies need complete information about the accident. It could be the time, place, list of victims, defaulter’s details, etc. The data could be crucial, and the victim should ensure to include the necessary proof and evidence in their case. 

  • Non-covered services

It may sound surprising, but there are high chances that the insurance policy might not cover some of the services or compensation after an accident. It is vital to check the policy details before finalizing any insurance plan. The victim should ensure that the insurance plan covers the necessary services that would need support after an accident. Otherwise, the claim might get rejected. 

  • Not filing the claim on time. 

There are a few sets of guidelines meant to be followed by the policyholder. Such is the case with the deadline of a claim being filled. Many victims forget to apply for a claim and file after the deadline. Ultimately, the insurance company denies the claim immediately. 

The victim should contact the local authorities and inform them about the accident. Informing the local authorities like the police or a legal professional will remind them of filing the claim within the deadline. 

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