What Causes Your Truck to Keep Blowing Fuses?

Your truck is more than just a means from A to B, it allows you to haul large loads and can even help you to earn a living. That’s why it’s particularly frustrating when you have an issue with your truck.

Any issue, no matter how small can be frustrating, that’s why you need to see an automotive electrician regularly and get all the systems on your truck checked. This will prevent most issues from occurring or ensure you’re aware of them before they cause a breakdown.

However, one fault that can be particularly annoying is when fuses keep blowing.

The Role Of The Fuse

A fuse is inserted into an electrical circuit, it is rated less than the wiring too and from the fuse and should be no higher than the maximum draw from the circuit. This means, if a power surge or other electrical issue occurs, the fuse will break first. A blown fuse severs the connection and stops the power from going where it should.

There are many different fuses in your truck, a blown fuse can cause your indicators to stop working, the wipers, the power windows, or even the engine.

The problem is when multiple fuses are regularly blowing it can cause you significant issues on the road. You need to know what the most common causes are for a fuse that blows often.

Bad Earth

This is one of the most common issues. A bad earth means that the circuit isn’t closing properly. This stops the accessory from getting power, preventing it from working. But, a bad earth will allow the circuit to work intermittently. The continual switching on and off of the circuit will cause the fuse to blow, leaving you unsure of the cause.

Short Circuits

Perhaps the most common issue causing your fuses to blow is a short circuit. This is when the positive and negative wires touch each other or something else, disrupting the circuit. It often leads to an overload which blows the fuse.

You’ll have to inspect all the wiring to find where the wiring loom has been damaged, repairing this will stop the fuse from continually blowing.

Problem With the Accessory

It’s possible the problem isn’t with the wiring or the power delivery, it could be an issue with the accessory being run by the circuit. In this instance, the accessory will have damage inside it, causing a short circuit or something similar., This power fluctuation can cause your truck fuse to blow and leave you without a fully functional truck.


Leaks in the engine bay are never a good thing. But, if the leak brings liquid into contact with an electrical circuit it can divert the current and cause a short circuit. The accessory will fail, the fuse will blow, and there is an increased risk of fire.

If you do have a fuse issue with your truck then it’s best to get the experts to look at it as soon as possible. The above causes are good to look for if you’re experiencing issues in the middle of nowhere. Otherwise, get the professionals to sort it out for you.

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