What is a Solar Cell? to certify the needs

Currently using clean energy from the sun. or solar cells โซล่าเซลล์ It is becoming popular and gaining attention for people who want to reduce consumption and consumption costs from using electricity, whether in the form of homes and residences. 

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Or in the form of businesses and factories causing a service provider to install solar cells to certify the needs and provide convenience to those who are interested. In this article, we have gathered important points and things that you should know and study before deciding to install solar cells โซล่าเซลล์

solar cell and that many people know by name Photovoltaic cell Photovoltaic cell is an electronic device. has been widely used in the production of electricity from solar energy made of a special semiconductor that has the ability to change solar energy To be electrical energy (Solar Cell) by the electricity generated from the solar cell. It is direct current or (DC) that can be used immediately.

How does a solar cell work?

The work of solar cells is a process that converts light energy into electrical energy directly. By using light, which is an electromagnetic wave and has energy to affect the semiconductor. will cause the transfer of energy between them The energy from light causes electrons or the movement of electric current in semiconductors. therefore creating such electricity that can be used

Usage characteristics of solar cells

When the sun hits solar cells, light from the sun will transfer energy to electrons and holes, which will cause movement. The electrons will gather at the front electrode and the hole will gather at the back electrode. It will generate electricity that can be used. It is divided into two main parts as follows:

Solar cells for homes and residences

It is the installation of solar cells on the roof for use in residential houses, ranging in size from 1 – 12 kilowatts (kWp.) or 1,000-12,000 watts, which can choose the size suitable for use. This helps to reduce the burden of using daylight by 30-70% depending on the size that needs to be installed according to the required requirement of each person. Which solar cells for homes and residences are popular with on-grid systems that are connected to the electricity system. in order to use it effectively In addition, if the remaining electricity is used, they can participate in the public sector project to sell electricity back to the Electricity Authority.

Solar cells for factories and industrial businesses

Installation of solar cells for industrial plants can do it too. Many entrepreneurs and business owners who care about the environment place importance on clean energy that is friendly to the environment and does not cause global warming. They turned to install solar power systems on the factory roof. to be used for production and various machines Because in addition to being non-polluting, it also helps to save half of the electricity bill.

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