What it Takes to Build an Ecommerce Team from Scratch

eCommerce business is an online store that functions as a retail platform. eCommerce brands have become increasingly popular in the recent decades, due to its convenience and efficiency. 

Despite this growth in popularity, eCommerce brands typically need an experienced team of professionals to be successful. eCommerce companies typically require key roles within their team such as web-developers, marketers, operations managers and customer service representatives at the very least. Building a professional eCommerce team from scratch requires three steps. 

Three steps to build your eCommerce team from scratch

Identify the necessary skill sets

When building a successful eCommerce team, it is important to identify their necessary skill sets. These skills should be tailored to the eCommerce role that each team member will have—whether it be IT experts for web design and security, customer service representatives for answering customer inquiries, or marketing professionals for developing effective campaigns. Adapting the skill set for each eCommerce employee plays an important role in ensuring long-term success, as having the right people in key roles can go a long way towards success in the innovation competition.  

Additionally, eCommerce teams should embrace continual learning and development—allowing them to stay ahead of current trends and innovate solutions to industry challenges. Ultimately, recognizing which skill sets are required in eCommerce and adapting those skills accordingly will lead to a thriving eCommerce team with members equipped to handle any career challenge that may arise!

Recruit professionally

Recruiting ecommerce team members can be a tough and time-consuming process, but done right, it can bring about immense value for your business. It is important to ensure that you act necessarily to make your recruitment process as streamlined and professional as possible. 

Start by creating an attractive job description that accurately reflects the ideal candidate; conduct extensive research to define the target profile; advertise in relevant ecommerce channels such as specialized publications, recruiters, and post on job boards; browse ecommerce networks and industry events; finally, use tests and assessments to evaluate candidates who display the desired qualities. With a well thought out recruitment process, you can put together an eCommerce team of the right talent that will drive your business toward success. With an innovation services you can make the hiring process smoother and more effective.

Train staff where needed

Training can occur in small ways within your eCommerce team, such as having staff members earn certifications in the eCommerce platform you use, teaching employees the newest eCommerce trends, or even providing webinars or online courses on eCommerce related topics. There are numerous online resources, educational videos available to support eCommerce staff training that won’t break the bank and will help set your team up for success. 

Additionally, it is always beneficial for management to meet with eCommerce staff regularly to assess individual strengths and weaknesses, develop ongoing job skills and performance feedback, improve motivation and accountability – all of which go a long way towards improving overall business performance.


Having an experienced eCommerce team can provide competitive advantage since it sets the business apart from others by providing better service with quality products and quick shipping times. eCommerce teams also ensure good customer relations and increase loyalty with frequent communications and response rates. Ultimately, having an experienced eCommerce team is integral for the success of any eCommerce company.