What to consider when purchasing steel doors in Kenya

Every homeowner desires a better door that can provide good security, attractiveness, strength and durability. A steel door on the other hand has all these qualities and is now the best choice for everyone in Kenya. This article explains key considerations put forward before purchasing a steel door in Kenya.

When considering steel doors, it’s essential to make an informed choice for your home’s security and style. You can explore a variety of options at Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse, and they offer a fantastic selection of entry doors in Syracuse, NY that can elevate both the aesthetics and security of your property.

Steel is a strong alloy of iron and contains some percentage of carbon, this makes it easy and quick to fabricate windows and doors out of it. These doors are of great strength, durable and attractive. Challenges arise in finding the original steel doors since several brands and companies are coming out with the same product in Kenya; this has also created a gap for fraudsters to penetrate the market by selling substandard steel doors which affects the market for steel doors.

Below are some of the key considerations before purchasing steel doors.

Accuracy of the steel door

To have neat work without holes left out during fitting of the door, accuracy is a must factor to consider. Accurate measurements must be taken and should be matched with those where the door is to be fitted. This reduces the wastage of steel used in the making of the door and the costs incurred in labour to fill up the holes left in the doorpost after fitting.

Quality of welding during assembly

Since steel doors consist of joining together metals, the quality of the welding applied should be of high standards and made by experienced workers. This provides a good shape of the product and limits cases of breakages and complaints from clients.

The price of steel doors

Steel doors for sale in Kenya vary in price depending on the region and the sellers. It’s thus appropriate to carry out rightful negotiations with the sellers to agree. Some sellers’ products are expensive yet others are relatively cheap but generally, steel doors are more expensive than wooden doors.

The quality of the paint

Good paint is the one that conforms with CSA standards and if it doesn’t, then don’t bother yourself with buying such doors as it will cost you more.

The warranty of the manufacturer

Nothing provides confidence in the market better than a warranty as it guarantees the buyer to return the product if it doesn’t meet the right standard. This also proves that the company in charge of selling the steel door knows what they do and are confident about it.

The frame

Just like every car has a frame, so do steel doors and without it, it implies the door is incomplete. The frame is majorly used to fit the door in the doorpost of the house and should be accurately measured to fit in it.


Steel doors are in high demand because of their diverse qualities like durability, strength, security and attractiveness. Thus, I do recommend homeowners to go for them having identified the key factors to consider before purchasing them, and indeed you will not regret it.