What Tractor Insurance is and its Coverage like?

The months of May to October mark the time of harvest of all kinds of products from the field and it is when we can find more tractors while we are driving. It is also the time of year when these large, slow-moving agricultural vehicles are most at risk of being in a road accident. Therefore, today we are going to stop to analyze Tractor Insurance, the most outstanding characteristics of this type of policy and the coverage that cannot be lacking when insuring a tractor.

While understanding tractor insurance and its coverage is crucial, it’s equally important for truck operators to have comprehensive insurance. In the Heart of Dixie, an 18 Wheeler Insurance in Alabama¬†plan can provide significant financial protection and peace of mind.

Tractor insurance

A tractor is a robust and powerful agricultural vehicle, capable of generating traction to drag or push trailers, farm implements and various types of heavy machinery. The speed, strength, adaptability and easy handling of tractors make them indispensable agricultural machinery for carrying out field tasks.

Today it is difficult to imagine agriculture without the use of these huge and versatile machines, although using a tractor, like any other heavy agricultural machinery, has its risks. More than the laymen of the field imagine.

In fact, accidents due to the rollover of tractors are among the accidents that cause the highest mortality in the agricultural sector. It is estimated that, each year, between 60 and 70 people lose their lives in Spain as a result of a tractor accident. A fact that, by itself, justifies the fact of contracting a Tractor Insurance with the appropriate coverage. Although there are more reasons that make it necessary.

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Is Tractor Insurance Mandatory?

Indeed, Tractor Insurance is mandatory. Tractors, in addition to agricultural machinery, are registered motor vehicles and the law establishes the obligation to insure the tractor with a Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance, known as Traffic Insurance or Third Party Insurance .

This insurance covers civil liability for material and personal damage that the insured may cause to third parties with the tractor in the event of an accident. This coverage that must be in force to be able to drive our tractor is the same as that required for cars, motorcycles and trucks.

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However, due to the size and driving characteristics of the tractors, this coverage has an important relevance that goes beyond the need to have it in force to be able to drive the tractor without problems.

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In fact, in Tractor Insurance, CR is the coverage on which most of the policies on the market are based, as we will see below.

What are the coverage of a Tractor Insurance?

In Spain, there are more than 860,000 tractors and agricultural machinery vehicles with Insurance and the vast majority of them basically include Traffic Insurance and some other coverage. They are not complex policies, since they are highly conditioned by the agricultural use of the tractor.

Traffic insurance for tractors

In addition, there are no major differences in the coverage offered by companies in their offer of Insurance for Agricultural Machinery , and it is the user himself who usually requests additional guarantees, especially in the case of new tractors or machinery that has special characteristics.

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