Where Can You Find Copies of Your Divorce Court Records in Washington?

Suppose you need to verify your marital status or find whether a previous marriage was ever finalized. In that case, you might be able to get copies of your divorce court records in Washington. Divorce filings can include property ownership, custody agreements, and sometimes even information on mortgages and auto loan payments. You can usually find these records at certain places.

Here are where you should look for copies of your washington state divorce record.

  • Washington state archives

The Washington State Archives holds old case files from the supreme court. Your search can start online, but you’ll have to visit the archives in person if you want copies of your divorce court records in Washington. The archives have a number of locations around the state, including Seattle, Olympia, and Spokane. You can find more information about their locations on their website.

  • Superior court

If the divorce case was filed in a county superior court, you could find the divorce records at that court’s clerk’s office. Most counties have a registrar of deeds who also handles property records and mortgages. However, some counties have combined their functions into one individual. You can find more information about most of the state’s counties on their website.

  • Court clerk

Your county’s court clerk should have copies of your original divorce decree. When you apply for a copy of your decree, it’s actually a certified copy, and there is a fee associated with it. You should check with the court clerk beforehand to ensure that they can provide you with a certified copy of your divorce court records in Washington. If you are having trouble locating your original divorce decree, ask the court clerk to look at their microfiche files to find out where it went or check their old paper files.

  • Washington Department of health and vital records

You will get copies of your divorce court records in Washington from the Washington Department of Health and Vital Records. This is the ultimate source for information about your divorce, including who filed for divorce, when your marriage was dissolved and whether you are listed as divorced or single on official documents. You can visit their website to get more information on how you can obtain copies of your records.

  • Family law attorneys

You can also use your family law attorney to help you locate your divorce court records in Washington. Your attorney might already have copies of your records if they were involved in the case. If they were not involved and didn’t have copies, they can find out what type of court documents were filed and request them on your behalf.