Why a move into business administration could be a good career change

If you have never worked with a business administrator before, you may not have considered it as a potential career path. However, if you are working in a commercial environment and looking for a role that challenges you, drives you to learn more and try new things, and which can be used as a springboard onto new career heights, then business administration might be the right choice for your career change.

Business administrators often work behind the scenes in companies both large and small, but they are essential to ensuring that a company operates smoothly and stays on track for meeting certain performance goals and metrics. The role is varied, and no two days are ever exactly the same for administrators, which makes the job a challenge and perfect for someone who likes to learn new things and upskill whenever possible.

So, what is involved in business administration and why is it perfect for a career change? Keep reading to find out.

The appeal of working in business administration 

There are many different aspects of working in business administration which are appealing – and of course, everyone will have their own preferences. One major benefit to working in business administration is the fact that no two days will ever be exactly the same. The administrator’s role is ever-changing and involves working with many different teams, individuals, projects and problems.

A result of the role always changing is that people who work in administration are also continually learning new things. They might need to research competitors and trends and learn about what businesses are doing differently around the world, they may need to learn new marketing techniques or even just how to manage the finances for a new department. The fact that administrators are continually learning new things means that their role is intellectually demanding and requires flexibility, creativity and intellectual curiosity.

Studying business administration 

One way to give your CV a boost and hone your relevant skills is through pursuing a degree or qualification in business administration. While many of the skills can be learned on the job, studying administration is a great way to take your CV to the next level and learn skills from the brightest minds in the world of business.

There are many different courses in business administration being taught in countries around the world through both in-person and online education. Not all the courses are created equally, however, and it is worth taking the time to find out which courses focus on material which will benefit you and your future career.

For example, the doctor of business administration online course offered by Aston University has been designed to specifically benefit individuals looking to challenge themselves and develop the hard and soft skills needed to succeed in business administration. The doctorate involves a research project and reports along with two to four years of study. The program is designed to teach applied research methods, professional development and business and management research.

Online education in and of itself is a great way to prepare for a career in business administration because studying online requires an incredible amount of self-discipline, organization and time management, all of which are essential skills for succeeding in an administrative role. Distance education is also a great way for career changers to upskill because it is much more flexible than traditional, in-person forms of learning.

The skills business administrators develop 

One of the reasons that business administration is such a good choice for a career change is that it helps professionals to develop in-demand commercial skills. As recession looms on the horizon, concerns over so-called “hireability” and skill relevancy are more pertinent than ever before. The skills that business administrators develop can be categorized into soft skill and hard skill groups.

The soft skills which administrators learn include active listening, communication, teamwork, people management, problem-solving, public speaking, organization, time management and delegation management. While these skills are described as “soft”, they are no less important than hard skills.

Anyone who has worked with a manager or director who lacks people skills and cannot delegate tasks properly or clearly explain the purpose of a new venture or project, understands just how important soft skills are. In fact, soft skills are truly essential to the success of every commercial venture and a company cannot continue operations without teams working together efficiently and problem-solving as a group.

The hard skills administrators develop often include strategy, planning, budgeting and financial management, project management and commercial research. As with the soft skills, the hard skills are essential for the continued success of a company.

Reading through these skills, there are likely some which immediately seem more interesting or appealing than others. One of the benefits of the administrator’s role is that in a large company you would be able to take on projects which are more interesting to you, and which help you to further develop your strengths and skills in the area.

Career progression opportunities 

One of the main benefits of working in business administration at any level is that it is very beneficial for career progression opportunities. The skills which you develop as an administrator are very transferrable to other business operations departments, such as human resources, management and leadership, facilities, marketing, learning and development and finances.

Another benefit is that if you are not certain which aspect of corporate work interests you, you can gain exposure to many different aspects of the commercial world by working in business administration. Administrators are often the glue which holds a company together. As a result, they have experience communicating, problem-solving, and working with individuals and teams from many different departments.

They may also work on projects which span a number of different departments – for example financial, operations, strategy and management. This enables them to gain experience with the various roles and tasks of those departments. This is a great way to try out different commercial roles, learn more about the inner workings of companies, and network with people within other departments.

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