Why adult baby bottles are important in our daily life?

A baby bottle is also known as feeding bottle or nursing bottle. These bottles have a lot of benefits, which are as follows:

  • Benefit of baby bottles:

Using baby bottles, relieves you of many worries, by providing you a lot of mental peace and satisfaction. It is generally think that it is the responsibility of the females to take care of babies, and they also have to do all homework. But baby bottles can reduce your stress because it allows anyone to feed your babies comfortably.

  • Feeding of babies in public places:

If you are in a public place, you cannot feed your baby, because, you may feel uncomfortable in front of everyone. But if you have a baby bottle, then you can feed your baby even in a public place, which enables you to complete your tasks without any problem or tension.

  • Intake of baby can be measurable:

When a woman breastfeeds her baby, she cannot estimate the amount of food intaken by her baby, but by using adult baby bottles, she can estimates the diet of her baby and can also estimate that the intake of the baby is increasing or decreasing.

  • Preventing from malnourishment:

Many mothers fear that if their baby does not get enough breast milk because of improper production of milk, their baby will be malnourished, which can cause very serious problems to the health of your baby.

  • Affect of mother’s health on baby:

The health of the mother has a great effect on the health of the child as she feeds her child. And so if the mother’s health is bad, then the child’s health can also be bad. But if you are using adult baby bottles, then you don’t need to worry if you are sick, and can protect your baby from getting ill.

Disadvantages of becoming habitual of baby bottles:

While there are many advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Here we will discuss some of the most dangerous and harmful disadvantages of becoming habitual of baby bottles.

  • Affect the health of mother:

Breastfeeding is beneficial for both the baby and the mother. And when mom gets used to bottle feeding, she stops breastfeeding, and so there is a risk for mother that she may get breast cancer. In fact the risk of breast cancer is very less in those ladies, which are not habitual of using adult baby bottles.

  • How immune system get affected by using baby bottles?

The nutrients that are present in mother’s milk are not present in bottle’s milk. These nutrients are very essential for the proper development and nourishment of the baby. But by becoming habitual of feeding through these bottles, the immune system of your baby becomes very weak and many disease can attack on him.

  • Weak bond between mother and baby:

When a baby becomes accustomed to bottle-feeding, he remains no longer accustomed to feeding by his mother. This makes the bond of mother and baby weak, which is not good for both.

  • Crying of baby:

It takes you a long time to prepare bottled milk for your baby and your baby cries for so long. The baby is very small, so it is not possible for him to be patient, and can also create tension for his / her mother.