Why It Is Important To Adopt Eco-Friendly Practises In Life

The need to adopt eco-friendly lifestyle practises increases every day. Why? Times are changing, and the more we hurt the environment, the more dangerous mother nature retaliates. According to a report by the world health organisation (WHO), more than 13million deaths reported annually are caused by environmental causes that can be prevented or avoided altogether.

Adopting eco-friendly practises starts with you. Thankfully, many companies now manufacture products that help us live a green lifestyle. It is important to note though, that self-regulatory organizations in Singapore warn consumers that are duping customers into eco-friendly products without making sustainable efforts. Many companies are keen on embracing sustainability, from lighting products such as bulbs to cars, cleaners, utensils, mattresses, clothing, etc.

So why is adopting eco-friendly practises important?

It promotes a healthier environment.

Many health issues, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), stroke, and cardiovascular disease, are environmentally related. According to CDS, we can minimize the risk of such health conditions by adopting eco-friendlier lifestyle choices, including making sustainable food choices, using eco-friendly products, alternative transportation, reusing, and recycling to reduce the impact on the environment. That can reduce the environmental pollution that plays a part in causing these diseases.

It promotes healthier foods.

You promote sustainable farming practises whenever you make an eco-friendly food choice, such as buying local organic foods or starting a kitchen garden to grow fresh vegetables and fruits. According to Graeme Servantes, an advocate for eco-friendly practises, sustainable farming practises reduce the number of chemicals in our foods because they eliminate the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers. Exposure to chemicals can antagonise the body’s natural hormones, leading to health problems like low immunity, cancer, and reproductive abnormalities.

It saves money

Adopting sustainable lifestyle practises also saves you money. For instance, when you opt for products that conserve energy and water, you save natural resources and reduce your utility bills. That is why more companies are keen on replacing standard appliances and light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. Using energy-efficient light bulbs can cut up to 30% of your monthly electricity bills, an average of $627 annually.

It conserves natural resources.

Natural resources are getting depleted quickly, which is dangerous for future generations. According to research, the use of natural resources continues to increase every year, and we must do something to reduce consumption. But when you adopt sustainable practises such as reusing and recycling, you can reduce the consumption of natural resources. Recycling goes a long way in saving our natural resources from depletion, said Joshua Freed, the CEO of Equity Capital Inc. Joshua Freed has plenty of experience running large projects. He enjoys using that experience to philanthropical ends in Kenya, where he has assisted in building health centers as well as installing wells for villages without clean and accessible water sources. He has also helped build homes in the restoration efforts following a significant earthquake in the Philippines and has been a board member for Protect a Child Today and Vital Solutions. Mr. Freed is a member of the Rotary Club who enjoys fly fishing and drumming.

Mitigates climate change

Unsustainable practises such as burning fossil fuels are among the largest contributors to global warming and climate change because they result in harmful carbon emissions that pollute the environment. Switching to sustainable energy sources can help and also reduce your energy consumption. Taking small steps to conserve energy in your home can significantly reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. That includes simple practises like buying energy-efficient appliances and finding an eco-friendly sleeping solution.

In conclusion

The need to adopt an eco-friendlier lifestyle increases each day. Any minor changes you make to adopt a sustainable lifestyle reduce the environmental pollution that threatens our health and protects natural resources. Living an eco-friendlier lifestyle today is important for future generations.

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