Why Should One Go for Vaping Rather than Cigarette Smoking?

In Australia, 21.7% of people aged 18-24 have used vaping devices or e-cigarettes at least once. This number shows how vaping is nothing new to the continent. The debate about why people should choose to vape over smoking is old. With the uprising of Vapes in Australia, it is clear that people are choosing it for themselves. With new reports and research results on vaping, this number is increasing.

Reasons for Choosing Vaping over Cigarette Smoking

The irreparable damage of cigarette smoking is becoming more apparent as most people have switched to alternatives for various reasons. Here are a few reasons that might pursue you to take the path.:

No Noxious Odours

Many people struggle with the smell of smoking cigarettes because of the toxic nature of it. Also, the cigarette smell lingers throughout the whole space and even on the clothes. It creates a suffocating environment inside the car. Vaping’s aroma is nothing compared to the odour of musty smoke and cigarette butts. The most exciting part is even the tobacco-flavoured vapes do the job beautifully without the scent of burning tobacco. Some people might compliment you because they smell it for something else.

Safer Option Than Smoking

According to many researchers, smoking cigarettes is more harmful than vaping. According to reports, it is 95% less harmful. There is no burning effect in vaping. In vaping, there is no smoke made out of the burning. It is the smoke that helps to create carbon monoxide and tar. It leads to health damage in the long run. Vaping helps with a better sense of taste and smell; and improves your heart and lung function.

E-Juice and Flavours

Vape juice or e-juice has opened the door for flavour-related experiments. The options are endless because you get tobacco, fruit, menthol, desserts, mint and beverages all in one place. Some people even make their vape juice. But to do that, you need to have some experience with vaping already. Beginners should not try to do it.

Control Over Nicotine Intake

Vaping helps you to get total control over your nicotine measure. You can go nicotine-free with E-juice. But if you want high-strength nicotine, that option is also available in E-juice. This way, you can make better health choices for yourself. The chance of cancer is much less if you take control of your nicotine intake. Most vapers start from high-level nicotine intake and then work their way down. If you try, you can even eliminate nicotine.

Immediate Satisfaction

Granting advanced vapes may need initial tinkering; many simpler options come prefilled. Both ways, once the vape is ready, having a hit is as easy as drawing on the device or pushing a button. E-juice and charging the vaping device are essential to have a hassle-free experience. An average vape will stand you throughout the day if charged and maintained correctly.

Access and Convenience

Buying vaping products is easy, from gas stations to vape shops, smoke shops to convenience stores. Vapes in Australia have become more accessible because of the few trustworthy online shops. As a beginner, many people are apprehensive about vaping because of the lack of knowledge. These online stores will guide you through the process and help you to get your desired experience.

Summing Up

With a ratio of 12.6% compared to 8.8%, men are more likely to smoke rather than women. Statistically, it has affected the overall health of the male population of Australia. Therefore, it is high time to switch to vaping for a safer option with less risk.