Why Should You Invest in a Massage Gun?

The working of the human body is comparable to that of a machine. Just as a machine needs to be well oiled to ensure efficient performance, the human body also needs pampering. But it is impossible to find time for a massage at regular intervals or find a masseuse whenever you need one, and getting an appointment might take days.

So, what is the solution?

You may invest in a massage gun! These devices are available in a variety of forms in the market. Whether you want a mini massage gun or a hot and cold massage gun, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

The Purpose of Massage Guns

Usually, massage guns are portable devices used to relieve muscle tension. These devices are generally wireless and come with interchangeable attachments.

Did you know the global massage gun market was valued at USD 242.63 million in 2018? This figure is expected to reach a value of USD 561.37 million by 2026. And this rising demand has been attributed to the use of these guns by professional athletes and even recreational gym-goers. Meanwhile, since massage can reduce tension in the muscles and impact flexibility, massage guns have grown immensely in popularity.

How Does a Massage Gun Work?

A typical massage gun boasts of a gun-shaped body with a variety of attachments that can extend and contract. And when you place this gun on your muscle and turn it on, the attachments vibrate at a high frequency. This frequency, coupled with the low amplitude movement, enables recovery from muscle pain. In addition, this movement also reduces soreness.

It is recommended to use the gun on the part of your body that feels tight. Apply light pressure to ensure maximum comfort. Meanwhile, stay away from bony areas.

Advantages of a Massage Gun

Massage guns serve many purposes, which is one of its unique selling points. A lot of the reasons to use these guns are because of the core advantages that a massage offers.

So, let’s delve deeper and find what makes these massage guns so unique!

1. Portability

You can now carry your masseuse on the go! These guns do not require any socket nor possess any significant weight whatsoever. As a result, you can pack them up and use them on your trips!

2. Convenience

Tired of booking an online appointment every time you want a massage? Having your own massage gun solves this issue. Just keep a spare set of batteries handy, and you can relieve your muscle soreness at your convenience!

3. Cheaper Alternative

Think back to how much your previous massage session cost. Now, look up the cost of a massage gun online. To put this into perspective, you can own a mini massage gun for only about AUD 159! In contrast, a single massage session would cost you anywhere between AUD 50– 100!

Massage guns have constantly been misrepresented as devices that solely cater to the elite. In fact, with the diversification in the market, these appliances are more affordable than ever. As such, a massage gun is a one-time investment with returns that justify the price. What’s more, is that they can work for up to 5 hours on a single charge. So, pamper yourself and invest in your very own massage gun today!

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