Why Should You Use Handshower In Your Bathroom

Hand Showers are an excellent way to conserve water and energy in a household. Instead of taking long, luxurious baths, try using a handshower to quickly bathe yourself. The flow is gentle, the pressure is just right, and you’ll use less water per minute than you would in a traditional bathtub.

8 reasons you should add handshowers to your bathroom:

  1. They’re inexpensive and easy to install. Handshowers take less than an hour to install and usually cost within 3000 Rupees . You can pay a professional to install one for you, or try installing it yourself if you’re handy with tools. No matter how it’s installed, a handshower will save water during each shower and help your wallet when the water usage bill comes due.
  2. You’ll use less water in each shower because you don’t have to fill the tub before bathing each time. Hand Showers use less water per minute than a traditional bathtub faucet because you’re not wasting water filling up the tub. The average handshower will use between 2.5 and 5 gallons of water each time it’s used, depending on the model you choose and your preferred flow rate.
  3. You can install a handshower on your existing bathtub faucet to save money. If you already have a bathtub and don’t want to buy a new one, you can still install a handshower at home with only minor plumbing work. You may need to replace some hoses and pipes, hand shower manufacturers in Delhi manufacture products that are both inexpensive and easy to install.
  4. You can install a handshower in your bathroom without taking out the wall, plumbing or electrical. Handshowers install easily without drilling holes in walls or cutting into plumbing pipes. If you’re not comfortable with your technical skills, you can pay to have someone install it for you.
  5. The water pressure will be the same as when using a bathtub faucet. Once you’ve installed your handshower, the water pressure will be exactly the same as if you were using a bathtub faucet on a regular basis. Faucet manufacturers in India say if you have a spacious bathroom then you can go for a bathtub as well as a Hand Shower.
  6. Hand Showers are easy to turn on and off. Many handshower designs have a lever that you can use to easily adjust the water flow without wasting water when you’re not using the shower.
  7. Hand Showers allow you to wash your hair while seated on the toilet or while standing in front of the mirror. If you’re tired of constantly having to fill up the bathtub before bathing, consider installing a handshower in your bathroom – it’s much easier to wash all parts of your body, including your hair, when using a handshower instead of a bathtub faucet.
  8. Hand Showers are easy to reach for children and adults with disabilities. Children and people with disabilities can sometimes have a difficult time using traditional bathtub faucets. Installing a handshower can make it easier to bathe and wash hair without bending or straining.

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