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YTS Alternatives

YTS, otherwise known as YIFY Torrents, was a popular BitTorrent website that distributed a large amount of movies. Users were attracted to YTS because of its small file size and the fact that the movies are available for free. It was also known for having many different languages and genres.

You can learn YTS by exploring the terms it uses. There is a YTS glossary available that explains a word’s definition in both English and the local language. There are also links on the right of the table to further explore the meaning of a particular term. YTS can be a great resource for language learners of all levels.

While it may be easy to find content on YTS, it’s still illegal to watch pirated movies and TV shows in South Africa. This site has been shut down several times by the Motion Picture Association of America. The MPAA has accused Yiftach Swery of facilitating massive copyright infringement and has sued him for millions of dollars.

One of the most effective YTS alternatives is Kodi. Unlike YTS, Kodi does not upload anything and instead streams the data. Moreover, it is able to exploit a legal loophole with copyright laws by never downloading the whole streamed file. As such, it is the perfect YTS alternative.