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Our favourite place in the house is the bedroom and the bed of course. All of us love to cuddle up in our beds under the blankets and doze away to deep sleep after a hard day’s work. Such a bed should feel comfortable and welcoming every day of the week. So it is important to choose a good one that suits you well. Choosing a bed frame for the room can be challenging if you don’t have enough space and are living in compact homes. Many people also opt for checking the bedroom furniture on offer from hotel furniture suppliers where you’ll find options for any sized bedroom.

But never mind, here are some tips and tricks that might be of great help to you while choosing a bed for your bedroom. You can also take a look at the Wakefit website for some wonderful wooden beds that keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Know your measurements:

It is important to know the size of your room before you plan your furniture. Whether you’re looking for a Wooden bed online or in stores, measure your room first before you buy one. Leave enough walking space around the bed frame to walk freely without any hindrance. Beds come in different sizes like king size bed, queen size beds and single beds. There are even bunk beds for kids. The king size and queen size bed online are mainly for the master bedroom, which is large and has enough space for couples. If you are a bachelor, then you can consider buying a single bed for yourself. Pick the right one as per your requirements.

Chose the type of material for the bed frame:

Bed frames come in different materials and sizes. The materials are mostly wood and steel. Wooden beds suit both traditional and urban homes, whereas the metal beds are more modern and adapt to contemporary and modern styled homes. Plan your bed frame depending upon the style of your room.

Wooden beds are made of Teak wood, Sheesham wood and engineered wood. Teak wood is the best of all but is very expensive because of its natural texture and qualities. It is naturally termite resistant and lasts for more than a lifetime. Then comes the Sheesham wood bed, which is reasonable in price but comparatively lower than the teak wood. The Sheesham wood is hardwood and can be used for good carvings and designs. It is always considered as the carpenter’s choice. Next comes the engineered wood beds, which are the economical option that is lower in prices and solves the purpose. Its quality is comparatively lower than the other two but can be used for years.

How about beds with storage options?

Storage is quite a problem in most of our houses. How many ever cupboards we have, we still do not find enough space for random stuff like bedsheets, pillowcases, quilts, bed covers etc. Here is a perfect solution to store your bedding. Choose beds with storage options that allow you to store your bedding in them. They could be in the form of drawers from the sides or boxes opening at the top. It is up to you to choose the perfect one as per your requirements.

Sometimes we tend to store our unimportant stuff in the cupboards in the loft, which is not accessible and difficult to take. You can choose to store this kind of stuff in your bed frame so that it is easily accessible.

Have you ever thought of a day bed or a sofa cum bed?

Are you a fan of multipurpose furniture pieces? If so, don’t forget to take a look at the sofa cum bed that could act as a day bed and a sofa. You can take a power nap in the afternoon on your day bed if you don’t want to use your bedroom during the day. Experts also say that taking a short nap in the afternoon brightens our brains and helps us work more efficiently.

It is more useful when you have untold visitors at home. It is always fun to have visitors at home, but when it comes to sharing our personal space, we might be a little reluctant. A sofa cum bed acts as an immediate solution in these times. The aim of this design is to provide you with extra comfort and multipurpose furniture at affordable prices. It also saves you money from getting an extra bed for guests at home.


When it comes to styling your bedroom, keep it minimal. A clutter-free bedroom gives you better sleep. Ensure you buy a bed frame that does not creak and squeak when you roll over. The bed should be comfortable, affordable and adaptable to any kind of space. Try beds with a sleeker design to consume less floor space. This will made the room look more spacious. Beds are again a one-time investment. So choose one of the right qualities that feels hard and sturdy. Click here and visit this site:  jiorockers

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