Your Four Priorities After a Car Accident in Albuquerque

After sustaining injuries in a car crash, you want to attend to traffic issues right away and get the proper medical care even if you don’t have obvious injuries. Also, you must deal with necessary administrative tasks and the legalities associated with filing a car accident claim. To ensure a seamless process, you need the assistance of an Albuquerque auto accident attorney to advise and guide you. After a car accident, the following must be your priorities:

Ensuring Your Safety

If you cannot move your car out of traffic, just stay inside it until the police arrive. Otherwise, you should move your car to a safe location. Other vehicles may try to get through or past the crash scene, so try to avoid causing more issues. 

Once you are safe, take photos or videos using your cellphone focusing on the damage to all cars involved in the accident and the crash scene. You can use these pieces of evidence to support your claim, especially if liability will be in question later. Sometimes, stories can change and people may not tell the truth about how an accident occurred. But photos and videos can help piece together how an accident happened.

Seeking Medical Care

If you experience any pain, you must report it if it is not an emergency concern. Do not assume that the pain will subside after several days. You must prioritize your health because pain can be a symptom of a serious underlying injury. Even if you don’t feel any symptoms, you must consider getting checked by a doctor. Seeing a doctor after an accident ensures medical reports about your injury and condition will be made. These reports will help prove that you truly sustain an injury in a car accident. Also, these reports may give information about the severity of your injury, which is necessary when determining the amount of compensation you deserve to get. 

Following the Orders of Your Doctor

If you want to maximize your compensation, you must not allow gaps in your treatment to happen. Insurers will make use of these gaps to try to devalue or deny your claim. Thus, make sure to follow the orders of your doctor to the dot. 

Hiring a Lawyer

If a car accident has left you injured, a reliable attorney can help you build a strong case. They want to take the burden off your shoulders, so you can focus on your recovery and get your life back on track.

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